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Sometimes, sometimes we would rather purchase items outright. Please call us at (450) 638-8397 before bringing any large heavy objects over!

Sure! We have a list of items we are looking for for some of our customers. Come by the store and we will write down your request and number.

No. Unfortunately we have been stuck holding items for customers who never returned or changed their minds without telling us in the past. It is not fair to the customers who ask about the items on hold. We regret the inconvenience.

Our last name is Whyte. In nature white crows are very rare. The white crow was the inspiration for the name of our shop because at The Whyte Crow we have rare finds!

The little Jack Russell Terrier on our front page is the official mascot of the store, Sookie Stackhouse Whyte. She is 8 years old.

Generally our hours are our hours. Occasionally we will stay open later for customers who work during the day who ask us to visit the store when we are closed.